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Single Issues: Essays on the Crucial Social Issues

(The Human Life Press, New York, NY, 1983) by Joe Sobran with an Introduction by J.P. McFadden

Single Issues

This 192-page book contains 15 of Joe Sobran’s finest essays published in The Human Life Review from 1975-82. The abortion culture, our “value free society,” perversity in public amusements, racism as America’s cardinal sin, euthanasia, homosexuality, pornography, sex education, fatherhood, secular humanism, and “irreligion” are some of the topics examined by one of America’s most brilliant essayists.

With penetrating insight and eloquence, Sobran was decades ahead of his time in describing the pivotal controversies which continue to plague and divide our nation.

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Sobran was “unquestionably the wittiest, most trenchant and lyrical moralist to have appeared in my time.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.