June 15, 2016
Paul Craig Roberts questions where the evidence is in the latest massacre. See: Orlando Shooting

June 15, 2016
Should Muslims be vetted before being allowed in the U.S.? Robert Hale disapproves of the criticism of this proposal in When Being Nice is Stupid

June 15, 2016
Patrick Buchanan urges Trump to stay true to his foreign policy message in Hillary Rejects ‘America First’

June 15, 2016
Mary Ann Kreitzer looks at a dangerous ape affecting our lives in The Gorilla in the Living Room

June 14, 2016
Robert Wright draws on the wisdom of Joe Sobran in Envy and the Road to Ruin

June 14, 2016
Wes Vernon reminds readers of the ongoing scandals surrounding Bill and Hillary in The Enduring Clinton Soap Opera: Unsettled Questions about Vince Foster's Death

June 9, 2016
Patrick Buchanan says it is sensible to question the religious, racial & ethnic background of a judge. See: The Donald and The La Raza Judge

June 2, 2016
Joe Sobran writes on Educating for Damnation

May 26, 2016
Joe Sobran writes on the judicial “discovery” of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage in Sodomites All

May 19, 2016
Robert Hale is grateful that Trump is not an ideologue See: Conservatives, Liberals, and Trump

May 12, 2016
Charles Mills provides an historical account of the U.S. banking system in Making and Destroying Money

May 5, 2016
Fr. C. John McCloskey reviews the new book, Subtracting Christianity in Sobran Will Be Recognized as a Prophet

April 28, 2016
Hillary Clinton has called for more intrusive police and security measures if she becomes president. See: Is This A Woman with a Plan?

April 19, 2016
Joe Sobran discusses the life of Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, in Happy Birthday, “Shakespeare”!

April 14, 2016
Robert Hale provides an analysis of Islam's worldwide goals in Failing to Understand Islam Could be the West's Final Failure

April 7, 2016
Robert Hale shows how the Supreme Court rulings are ruining America in “SCOTUS”: An Acronym Likely To Go Down in Infamy

March 30, 2016
Charles Mills looks at the legacy of Mother Angelica in Unsophisticated Poor Clare Nun Founded International Network on Faith

March 23, 2016
Joe Sobran recounts that other religions cannot compare to Christianity in Happy Easter!

March 17, 2016
Pat Buchanan discusses the orchestrated protest at the Trump rally in Chicago in Brownshirts & Republican Wimps

March 11, 2016
Allan Brownfeld explains how free speech is non-existent on today’s college campuses in Colleges Are All for Diversity – Except When It Comes to Ideas

March 3, 2016
Joe Sobran on Trojan War in Bad News from Troy

February 23, 2016
On what would have been Joe Sobran’s 70th birthday, his publisher, Fran Griffin, shares her review: Subtracting Christianity: Sobran’s invaluable work on religion in America

February 18, 2016
Michael Cook of MercatorNet gives us some acerbic comments of Antonia Scalia in Justice Scalia on Culture Wars and Same-Sex Marriage

February 10, 2016
It is unexplainable for life to come to being and continue to exist for years, writes Fred Reed in The Miracle of a Baby's Growth to Manhood

February 4, 2016
Our rulers are not rational, let alone impartial and benevolent, says Joe Sobran in a classic column Free Will and Freedom

January 29, 2016
Pat Buchanan says that FGF columnist Sam Francis was right. See Sam Francis Predicted a Trump-like Populism

January 22, 2016
Joe Sobran discusses the taboo on calling abortion what it really is in None Dare Call It “Killing”

January 14, 2016
Joe Sobran compares the pro-abortion movement to the pro-war movement in War and Moral Novelty

January 7, 2016
Joe Sobran examines St. Paul’s admonition to obey our rulers in The Powers That Be

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