Hustler: The Clinton Legacy

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy, Joe Sobran’s book on Bill and Hillary’s years in the White House has been republished by FGF Books.

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy (second edition, August 2016)

by Joseph Sobran
Foreword by Ann Coulter
published by Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation
292 pages
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Hustler contains Joe Sobran’s unique insights and details of every important development of the eight years of the Clinton presidency. It is a penetrating and insightful analysis of the nature and personality of our 42nd president. Every essay in this book adds to one’s knowledge of the character of Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's statement during her campaign that Donald Trump's supporters were a "basket of deplorables" is reminiscent of her statement in 1998 blaming the “vast right wing conspiracy” for the Monica Lewinsky scandal which led to the impeachment of President Clinton. This great and “vast” right-wing conspiracy is discussed at length in Hustler starting from the moment that Hillary went on the warpath in defense of Bill, after Monica bragged about her Oval Office antics with the president.

Sobran writes in Hustler: “Clinton has a thousand apologists. What he doesn’t have is a single character witness. Not even his wife. Least of all his wife. Hillary Clinton is the key to this whole story. If she hadn’t sprung to his defense in the first days after the Lewinsky scandal broke, Al Gore would be president by now. As soon as she sent out the signal that she didn’t care what her husband had done, the Democrats had their marching orders.”

“Another thing nobody has ever said is this: ‘Bill Clinton is innocent. Let’s hear those tapes. Let’s hear the testimony of Monica Lewinsky, Betty Currie, the Secret Service, the Chinese lobbyists, and let the chips fall where they may. The full truth will vindicate the president and confute his accusers.’”

Sobran describes our 42nd president as a genuine sexual revolutionary, a charmingly unscrupulous improviser, a political Houdini, and a skilled political specialist.

“He’s the Sex President. That’s his essence, and that will be his reputation for all time. It goes deeper than mere ‘womanizing.’ He’s both advocate and exemplar of the sexual revolution. He has used the presidency to promote everything from gay rights to late-term abortion. The notion that he’s been a ‘nonideological’ president is nonsense; his ideology is a fusion of Hugh Hefner and Gloria Steinem.”

Sobran also deplores the greed, opportunism, fanaticism, glad-handing. bullying, and hypocrisy during the Clintons’ eight years in the White House.

“Clinton admits he lied to us once, but he reminds us that he has told us the truth ‘hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of times.’ He seems to think that if you lie less than half the time, you are, on balance, an honest man. And even though he has had a few flings, he’s been a faithful husband hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of times.”

About Hillary, Sobran says: “it’s delightful to see Hillary Clinton become a tarnished icon. ... She has already turned out to be the sort of devious and self-serving operator she used to denounce. ... It comes as a kind of relief to find she’s made of the same stuff as her husband. Her fanaticism has never gotten in the way of her profit.”

This book, which is dedicated “To the woman who knows him best: Jane Doe,” contains everything you need to know about Bill Clinton’s two terms in office:

— his impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice

— the heroism of Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey

— how the Clintons achieved a new level of degeneracy while in the White House

— the Whitewater scandal

— the White House Travel Office scandal

— the sudden demise of both Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, who possessed damaging knowledge of the First Couple

— how Mrs. Clinton had Vince Foster’s office cleaned out with “frantic haste” after he died

— the illegal obtaining of FBI files of the Clintons’ enemies, including Linda Tripp, who faced prosecution for taping phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky

— that Gennifer Flowers had enjoyed rapid promotion as a state employee in Arkansas — and had tapes of Clinton urging her to lie about their liaison

— the hiring of private investigators to dig up dirt on the so-called “bimbos” of the president’s acquaintance

— what the Arkansas troopers said about procuring women for then Governor Clinton

— and much more

In Hustler, Sobran also wrote (in 1998) that Clinton’s foreign policy was enraging three-quarters of a billion Muslims. “We should brace ourselves for surprises in this country.” Sobran predicted that Clinton’s foreign policy could result in “rich and fanatical Muslims such as bin Laden” arranging to attack some of our major cities — a prediction that would come true three years later.

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