Barry Sullivan

Barry Sullivan

Barry Sullivan
In The Arena

Barry Sullivan is a retired Navy lieutenant, nuclear engineer, project manager for the United States Department of Energy, former Congressional candidate, and father of two adopted children.

Barry has spoken to groups of all ages and faiths in various venues over the past 10 years on a number of issues. Audiences come away challenged and inspired to become more active in their faith and life.

One of Barry's popular talks, "Sowing Seeds in the Fields of Life and Harvesting a Lifetime of Joy" is based on his "Four Principles for a Wonderful Life." It covers the many activities in which he has been involved, including charitable causes, pro-life activities, politics, and everyday situations with moral challenges. He discusses the miracles that led to the adoption of his two children, the women who did not have abortions because they had heard him speak, and friends who stopped living immoral lifestyles after he confronted them in a charitable way.

He and his family live in Laytonsville, Maryland.

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