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September 6, 2023

Susan Neff, R.I.P.:
A humble, kind, and gracious soul returns to her Maker

by Fran Griffin

Sue in her 20s

FGF Books, September 6, 2023 — My friend, Susan Allen Neff, age 76, died peacefully on August 29, 2023 after having received the last rites and an apostolic blessing of the Roman Catholic Church just hours before. Sue suffered from several serious ailments over the past few years, particularly congestive heart failure which took a toll on her lungs. But her main affliction was her never-ending heartache over the death two years ago of her husband of 40 years, Ronald “Ronn” Neff.

Sue and Ronn often read St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica together in Latin.

About a dozen years ago, inspired by Ronn, Sue “crossed the Tiber River” and was brought into the Roman Catholic Church by Fr. J.J. Pokorsky. She adopted her husband’s practice of frequent Confession, daily prayer, and spiritual reading. Sue and Ronn often read St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologicae together in Latin,.

Sue was the bookkeeper for the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation for the past three years. She took off five months in 2021 to be at the bedside of her husband as he was dying. Ronn had been the managing editor of Sobran’s: The Real News of the Month (1993-2007) which was published by Griffin Communications; and a long-time editor for the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation and our publishing arm, FGF Books.

Prior to her bookkeeping days, Sue worked for two large trade associations, the American Production and Inventory Control Society and the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies. In 1992, she co-authored the book, MPR: Intregrating Material Requirements Planning and Modern Business (315 pages, McGraw Hill). In addition, Sue worked for six months in London, England as an editor. An avid reader and wonderful writer, Sue wrote a fanciful “romantic vampire novel,” which is yet to be published.

She was a great storyteller and conversationalist. Sue was soft-spoken, kind, thoughtful, grateful for any kindness, and humble.

Sue Neff was a founding member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s Grate Patrol in 1981 which continues to this day to distribute meals to the homeless in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

It was a pleasure to break bread with her. She was a great storyteller and conversationalist. Sue was soft-spoken, kind, thoughtful, grateful for any kindness, and humble. Yet she was straightforward and forthright as well. For her a “yes” meant “yes” and a “no” meant “no.” Sue was a cat lover. She cherished Winthrop and Penelope, her cat companions over the past 15 years. Sue loved cats, particularly Winthrop and Penelope who were her companions over the past 15 years. I never had the opportunity to play cards with her but was not surprised to learn that she was a shark at the poker table.

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Born on March 12, 1947 in Long Beach, California, to the late George Max Allen and Elizabeth Helen Leonard, Sue is survived by her daughter, Elizabeth Evans (David Alexander Evans, R.I.P.), and son, Ric Andersen; three grandchildren, Philip Frederic Evans, Kathryn Shirley Evans, and Ian Andrew Evans; and a great- grandson, Aiden James Evans.

The funeral will be on Friday, September 8, the feast of the Birthday of Our Lady.
Sue was devoted to Our Lady, and frequently prayed the Rosary. Here are the details:

Funeral Arrangements for
Susan A. Neff
Friday, September 8, 2023

1 p.m.: Visitation at St. John the Beloved Catholic Church,
6420 Linway Terrace, McLean, Virginia

2 p.m.: The Requiem Mass

Burial after Mass at Andrew Chapel Cemetery,
9201 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, Virginia

In lieu of flowers, donations in Susan Neff’s memory may be sent to the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation, c/o Fran Griffin, 344 Maple Avenue West, #281, Vienna, VA
22180,, 1-877-726-0058.

Eternal rest grant unto Susan Allen Neff, O Lord. May perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace, Amen.

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Heavenly Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels, pray for her.


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