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April 15, 2010

A Rebirth of Liberty, or a Neocon on a White Horse?
by Charles G. Mills

GLEN COVE, NY — Liberals see powerful centralized government as a way to achieve what they think is good. Neocons, although they disagree on what constitutes the good, share this view. Conservatives, in contrast, see powerful centralized government as a problem rather than a means to a solution.

Liberals, in complete control of the American government, are heading for disaster. They have virtually destroyed our foreign policy. They are piling up deficits several times as large as the excessive deficit of last year. They promote policies that may well lead to the loss of the AAA rating of U. S. Treasury bonds and notes. They are inviting double digit inflation. They are growing the size of government and shrinking the size of private enterprise. They are encouraging all kinds of unspeakable immorality. They are putting us at greater risk of attacks by terrorists. They are destroying our medical system. These actions can only end in a disaster; when they do, the country will turn either to conservatives or neocons.

If the neocons maintain a stranglehold on the Republican Party, they will probably benefit from the coming disaster. If their stranglehold is broken, there may be a rebirth of liberty.

Neocons love the pomp of military power without the decades of self-denial that goes into making a good general or admiral. Their foreign policy is aggressive in parts of the world where America’s interest is minimal. They have raised to over 100 the number of countries in which American troops are posted. There is a real danger that if the liberals achieve their trainwreck, a neocon on a white horse (or at least one in a camouflaged Humvee) will offer himself to save the country. Such a new leader in a crisis brings a threat of tyranny.

We can avoid this by creating a new conservative majority without neocon infiltration. Conservatives must reach two groups: Americans concerned by the overreaching of the federal government, and Americans concerned about the moral decay of the country. Both groups are needed to achieve a majority. If neocons plot to increase the overreaching of the federal government, the majority coalition will collapse in disillusionment.

This means we must gather together people who are seriously committed to reduce the size of the federal civilian bureaucracy at a minimum to that of the first term of Ronald Reagan. These people must tell the truth about immigration, even if it is politically incorrect. These people must be committed to a return to a country that supports decency, the right to life, public honesty, and law and order. These people must be truly serious about re-creating a country in which the federal government keeps its nose out of our business and the city government keeps the criminals off of our streets. These people must be serious about disengaging from foreign conflicts that have little effect on America.

If we cannot do this before the current liberal recklessness finally creates a disaster that the people find intolerable, we may have to live with a demagogue who calls himself a conservative but expands the iron grip of the federal government. These are crucial times, and the alternatives are stark: liberty or a strong man.

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Charles G. Mills is the Judge Advocate or general counsel for the New York State American Legion. He has forty years of experience in many trial and appellate courts and has published several articles about the law.

See his biographical sketch and additional columns here.

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