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August 25, 2016
Joe Sobran examines theocracy and the separation of church and state in Two Cheers for Theocracy

August 17, 2016
Rev. Peter Stravinskas reviews the latest Sobran collection, Subtracting Christianity in The Wit and Wisdom of a “Most Gloriously Judgmental” Man

August 11, 2016
Joe Sobran's 1997 column could have been written today with a slight update. See Clinton's Gut Issue

August 4, 2016
Joe Sobran opines why Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of Kosovo in 1999 in a classic column,

July 27, 2016
In 1996, scandal-ridden Bill and Hillary were embroiled in Filegate, Travelgate, and the Whitewater investigation.
See Joe Sobran's column,
The Flying Clintons

July 21, 2016
Joe Sobran examines the
character of our 42nd president

in The Selfless President

July 13, 2016
Joe Sobran tries to argue common sense with a transsexual
in Diane Speaks His Piece

July 6, 2016
Joe Sobran examines the contradictions of the vocal “gay community”
in Equality Run Amok

June 29, 2016
Joe Sobran looks at the
ruthlessly ambitious though
outwardly charming Bill Clinton

in The Infernal Presidency

June 22, 2016
Robert Reilly describes how transgenders deny their very nature, and try to become something else by sheer will - and self-mutilitation.
See: The Metaphysics of the Bathroom

June 22, 2016
Robert Hale examines the capacity for ignorance and hypersensitivity
in Is There Hope?

June 15, 2016
Paul Craig Roberts questions where the evidence is in the latest massacre.
See: Orlando Shooting

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Our mission is to research and study, and inform and educate leaders and the public regarding the need to preserve the underpinnings of Western Civilization, including, but not limited to science, religion, education, art, music, literature, journalism, poetry, the English language, the Latin language, and law. 
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Two Cheers for Theocracy
by Joe Sobran
August 25
, 2016

[SOBRAN’S THE REAL NEWS OF THE MONTH Classic, February 1999] — I grew up in a theocracy. I didn’t realize it as a boy; in fact I never heard it described that way. The only reason I now know it was a theocracy is that people who want to restore the America of the Fifties — anti-abortion Catholics, the “Christian Right” — are accused of wanting to establish a theocracy.
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The Wit and Wisdom of a “Most Gloriously Judgmental” Man
A review of Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society,
a collection of essays by the late Joseph Sobran
by Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
August 17
, 2016

Subtracting Christianity
[Special from The Catholic World Report] — In 1980, as a priest not yet thirty years of age, I found myself placed in charge of developing local chapters of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights on the entire eastern seaboard. Those were heady days with Pope John Paul II truly coming into his own and determined to correct course for the Catholic Church and President Ronald Reagan seeking to do the same for the United States and, by extension, for the world.
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Clinton's Gut Issue
by Joe Sobran
August 11
, 2016

[Classic: November 18, 1997] — There is no popular demand for war with Iraq or anyone else, and President Clinton knows it. The pressure for war is coming from the usual quarters: those who, for various reasons, want the United States to dominate the Middle East.
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by Joe Sobran
August 4
, 2016

[Classic: April 8, 1999] — As he ordered the bombing of Kosovo, Bill Clinton assured the nation that he has been “reading up on the history of that area.” That’s a load off! The great war-time presidents have always realized that before you bomb a country, you should read up on it.
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The Flying Clintons
by Joe Sobran
July 27
, 2016

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy
[Classic: July 1996] — I keep catching myself hoping that Bill Clinton will be reelected. It isn't just that Bob Dole richly deserves to lose; it's that mere electoral defeat would be an inadequate comeuppance for the Clintons. They are headed for their own Watergate, and it would be a pity to see the drama aborted. I'm only moderately vindictive: I want them hounded out of office, not hounded after they've already left.
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The Selfless President
by Joe Sobran
July 21
, 2016

Ever the moral ham, Clinton continues to feign contrition, laying it
on a little thicker with each attempt. Every time he sheds his skin,
he wants us to believe he’s no longer a snake.

[Classic: January 21, 1996] — Bill Clinton is a New Democrat again. Having tarred the Republicans as extremists, he is filching their themes, thereby displaying one of his defining qualities: an utter incapacity for embarrassment.
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Diane Speaks His Piece
by Joe Sobran
July 13
, 2016

[Classic: October 19, 2004] — I have no idea who “Diane” is, but his e-mail message sounds angry with me. In fact, Diane says he is “deeply offended” by the “pure bigotry” of my column of September 21, “Equality Run Amok,” which he finds “demeaning.”

You may think Diane is an odd name for a guy, but that’s Diane’s point. He claims to be a woman, “simply a woman,” and identifies himself, in case you haven’t already guessed, as a “transsexual.”
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Equality Run Amok
by Joe Sobran
July 6
, 2016

[Classic: September 21, 2004] — In a recent column, I made an observation about the vocal “gay community” that may bear amplification.

On the one hand, these advocates tell us - us presumptive “straights” - that people’s “sexual orientation” should be of no concern to us.

Then they turn around and tell us that their “orientation” is the most important thing in the world to them - the very source of their “identity” and a matter of “pride.”
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The Infernal Presidency
by Joe Sobran
June 29
, 2016

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy
[Classic: May 22, 1997] — Americans are traditionally taught that any boy can grow up to be president, and nobody has taken that idea to heart like William Jefferson Clinton. Dreaming of greatness, he didn't foresee that his presidency would be consumed by such questions as: Just how bad is this president? Will he be impeached? Will his wife go to jail?
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The Metaphysics of the Bathroom
by Robert R. Reilly
June 22
, 2016

Making Gay Okay WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tempers are running high over the transgender bathroom debate. Who could have imagined a few years ago that we would need to discuss the appropriate destination for the body’s evacuative functions according to gender, or that the controversy would be addressed in terms of justice and human rights instead of common sense?

How, exactly, could this have come about? The Encyclopedia of Surgery claims that “the number of gender reassignment procedures conducted in the United States each year is estimated at between 100 and 500.” Though no doubt there are more self-identified transgenders who do not have surgery, the numbers remain socially insignificant.
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Is There Hope?
by Robert L. Hale
June 22
, 2016

MINOT, ND — One thing is certain — the extent of people’s capacity for ignorance and hypersensitivity cannot be underestimated.

A harsh statement? I know. As one among billions on earth, I would like to offer my advice for the billions (I hope) of normal, rational, thoughtful, secure, and balanced humans who must live among the ignorant and hypersensitive.
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Orlando Shooting
by Paul Craig Roberts
June 15
, 2016

Some readers have asked for my take on the Orlando Shooting. I don't have one. Let's see if together we can form a reasonable view.
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