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October 1, 2015
Allan Brownfeld reflects on materialism, crony capitalism, and the true nature of man in Pope Francis’s Introspection About Capitalism

September 24, 2015
It’s time for U.S. bishops to renounce government funding so they can better proclaim the Gospel says Christopher Manion in Will Our Bishops Confront The Real Nativists?

September 18, 2015
Christopher Manion examines why the bishops are not commenting on murderer Vester Flanagan's self-proclaimed hatred of whites in Was The Roanoke Killer A Racist? A Catholic View

September 11, 2015
Pat Buchanan examines Donald Trump’s results-oriented foreign and domestic policies in China, the Donald, and a new Nationalisms

September 3, 2015
Charles Mills proposes that church architecture be representative of the sacred ascent of mountain tops. See: Mountains and Altars

August 28, 2015
Robert Conquest Demolished Myths About Communism by Allan Brownfeld

August 20, 2015
Unscripted and Unprogrammed:
The Strange Appeal of Donald Trump

by Allan Brownfeld

August 12, 2015
Christopher Manion questions Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s attack on the opponents of illegal immigration in What’s Going On in the Catholic Church?

August 6, 2015
Christopher Manion questions Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s attack in Abortion and the English Language

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July 30, 2015
Charles Mills describes the layers of Southern society and how the murderer, Dylan Roof, fits in. See Envy Caused Murders in Charleston

July 23, 2015
John McManus analyses Pope Francis’ push for global warming in Leftists and U.N. Supporters Cheer Pope’s Message

July 17, 2015
Charles Mills recounts religious persecutions in England and France in Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Could Have Dire Consequences

July 8, 2015
Allan Brownfeld looks at the newest Democrat to enter the presidential race in Jim Webb announces candidacy for President

July 4, 2015
Canadian columnist, Mark Wegierski, recalls Poles who fought in the American Revolution in Polish Heroes Remembered on the 4th of July: “American Day” in an Historic Polish Town

July 2, 2015
Mark Fitzgibbons says that religious conservatives better bone up on the Fourth Amendment in Enforcing Compliance to Same-Sex Marriage of Those Who Believe in Traditional Marriage

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Our mission is to research and study, and inform and educate leaders and the public regarding the need to preserve the underpinnings of Western Civilization, including, but not limited to science, religion, education, art, music, literature, journalism, poetry, the English language, the Latin language, and law. 
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Pope Francis’s Introspection About Capitalism
by Allan C. Brownfeld
October 1
, 2015

Pope Francis

ALEXANDRIA, VA — It has been said by some of his critics that Pope Francis does not understand capitalism, having grown  up in Peronist Argentina. This may be true.
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Will Our Bishops Confront The Real Nativists?
by Christopher Manion
September 24
, 2015

FRONT ROYAL, VA — Some 30 years ago, Mrs. Alice du Pont Mills invited me to visit her in her expansive Virginia horse farm — several thousand acres of it — about an hour west of Washington.
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Was The Roanoke Killer A Racist?
A Catholic View

by Christopher Manion
September 18
, 2015

FRONT ROYAL, VA — We now know who inspired Vester Flanagan, the Roanoke assassin.
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China, the Donald, and a new Nationalism
by guest columnist Patrick J. Buchanan
September 11
, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Since China devalued its currency three percent, global markets have gone into a tailspin. Why should this be?
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Mountains and Altars
by Charles G. Mills
September 3
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY — God spoke to Noah, Abraham, and Moses on the tops of mountains. Jesus was transfigured and started his ascent into heaven on the top of mountains. Mountain tops can have a sacred nature.
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Robert Conquest Demolished Myths About Communism
by Allan C. Brownfeld
August 28
, 2015

Robert Conquest

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Robert Conquest, a historian whose landmark studies of the Stalinist purges and the Ukraine famine of the 1930s documented the horrors perpetrated by the Soviet regime against its own citizens, has died at 98, having outlived the Soviet Union — which came into being in the year of his birth, 1917 — and which he helped to bring down with information.
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Unscripted and Unprogrammed: The Strange Appeal of Donald Trump
by Allan C. Brownfeld
August 20
, 2015

Donald Trump

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Donald Trump is indeed a unique phenomenon. He has never held political office, has never really been a Republican, has been pro-choice, has supported a single-payer health system, has contributed to the campaigns of Democrats -- Hillary Clinton among them -- and has insulted a variety of prominent figures
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What’s Going On in the Catholic Church?
by Christopher Manion
August 12
, 2015

FRONT ROYAL, VA — Millions of Americans, including many Catholics, were stunned when Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Catholic Archbishop of New York, attacked opponents of illegal immigration as “nativists” in a recent and widely-circulated column in a liberal New York tabloid.
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Abortion and the English Language
by Joe Sobran
August 6
, 2015

[CLASSIC, 8/24/2000] In his famous essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell analyzed the corrupting influence of dishonest politics on the way we speak and think. There is no better example than the effect abortion has had on our language.
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Envy Caused Murders in Charleston
by Charles G. Mill
July 30
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY — Nine people were murdered in a Charleston church by a man who envied and hated African-Americans who were more successful than himself.
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Leftists and U.N. Supporters Cheer Pope’s Message
by John F. McManus
July 23
, 2015

APPLETON, WI — England’s National Weather Service reported several years ago that the phenomenon known as global warming ceased in 1997 and has not returned.
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Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Could Have Dire Consequences
by Charles G. Mill
July 17
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY — I have noticed quite a difference of opinion as to whether the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage opens the door to persecution.
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Jim Webb Announces Candidacy for President
by Allan C. Brownfeld
July 8
, 2015

Jim Webb

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The announcement by former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia that he will be a candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination should be welcomed by Americans of every political viewpoint.
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