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The FGF Book Launching of
Give Speech A Chance: Heretical Essays on What You Can’t Say or Even Think

Cover of Give Speech a Chance book

Friday, September 23, 2022
Maggiano’s Little Italy
McLean, Virginia 22102

The Book Launch Speakers

Harley Price Harley Price, professor, scholar, and author of Give Speech A Chance.
“Appreciating Joe Sobran, and the Virtue of Gratitude in General”

Paul Gottfried Paul Gottfried, editor of Chronicles magazine.
“Dealing Humorously with the Woke Enemy”

Bartholomew de la Torre, O.P. Bartholomew de la Torre, O.P., missionary and Thomistic scholar.
“The Price of Being Free”

Allan Carlson Allan Carlson, editor of The Natural Family
“A Hetero-Normative, Cisgender Barbarian Tells All”

Robert Reilly Robert Reilly, the President of the Westminster Institute and author of five books including American on Trial: A Defense of the Founding,
was the Master of Ceremonies.

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, a priest of the Diocese of Arlington,
led the closing prayer.

Fran Griffin Fran Griffin, President of the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation,
introduced Harley Price.

Give Speech A Chance is a 326-page anthology of essays by Toronto scholar, Harley Price. In a review of the book in Chronicles magazine, editor-in-chief Paul Gottfried wrote:

“It is hard to imagine a more worthy successor to the late Joe Sobran than Toronto medievalist Harley Price, who has dedicated his new book to the late columnist. In Price’s argumentative verve, elegant self-expression, and defenses of Catholic moral teachings, one can discern ample evidence of Sobran’s special talents. Whether he is engaging victimology, atheism, abortion, sex education, conservatives trying to “turn back the clock,” universities, or any one of his many other themes, Dr. Price presents his “heretical” views from the Right trenchantly and in language that I can only envy. It is a dazzling collection of mordant essays on the aberrant Zeitgeist.”

Allan Carlson, editor of The Natural Family who spoke be speaking at the book launching event, wrote:

“Harley Price exhibits in this volume a rare voice combining eminent learning, moral decency, and common sense. On subjects ranging from the profound lessons of the fire at Notre Dame cathedral to the heavy social costs of ‘free love,’ Professor Price offers bracing commentary that enlightens and inspires. Borrowing from Chesterton, he notes the morbid habit of modernity always to sacrifice the normal to the abnormal.” 

Bartholomew de la Torre, O.P., another speaker at the September 23 book launching event, commented:

“This stirring book is really Give Reason a Chance. Being a Canadian, the author observes the United States from an objective distance. What does he see? Violent mobs, the mainstream media, and a large portion of government, all in the grips of what the reader can identify as the Seven Capital Sins, especially envy, anger, sloth, greed and lust -- to the point of being psychopathically suicidal. 

“He shows how the Left’s driving principle is that the end justifies the means, and the end is the obliteration of Western Civilization without knowing what to put in its place. This work equips us to see through the euphemisms of the mainstream media to realize that they are urging us to dismantle all we hold dear. And Harley Price does this in such an entertaining and often humorous way that one wants to keep on reading.”

Rory Leishman, a Canadian columnist sums up Harley Price’s book in this way:

“No one can refute his central thesis that our society is hovering on the brink of a totalitarian dictatorship where ‘non-progressive opinion’ -- i.e., any criticism of homosexuality, transgenderism, or a woman’s ‘right to choose’ -- is criminalized as ‘hate speech.’” 

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